There is but one purpose for these works. Explain theology, God and the hereafter in simple terms


General introduction to all the theology










Arnaud Dumouch

Translated by Alain Quenneville

All stories on individuel fate
Introduction (Theology of the six purgatories)
1- Sainte Marine, virgin and mother (Humility and entering Heaven)
2- Sophie, the girl died without baptism (The fate of these children)
3- Of angels and demons
4- Christ
5- The death of the Virgin Mary
6- Germaine, who entered heaven like a bolt of lightning
7- The prostitute (Qualities required to enter Heaven)
8- The true story of the rich man
9- Amelia, in purgatory till the end of the world
10- Andre and earth as a purgatory (When God tempts us to save us)
11- A pig story (the animals)
12- The story of the man who accumulated  (souls in the sheol)
13- Prayer chain for Monsignor Cauchon (risk of damnation)
14- Prayer  for the souls in Purgatory (mystical purgatories)
15- The ghosts of Versailles (The passage of death)
16- Teenage suicide (the fate of those who commit suicide)
17- Natasha’s suicide (How God examines the soul)
18- Kelly, the girl who was murdered (The sense of suffering)
19- Hell : the Pharisee who was not justified
20- Professor Vanthouse, scholar and atheist ( permission of atheism)
21- A Muslim’s salvation (Religions that are receptive to salvation).
22- The mother who aborted and was adopted
23- Hellfire (Don’t play with sin).
24- Laura, guardian angel (The apostolate of heaven's Saints)
25- Joan of Arc and surrender of the self x
26- Father Zéphirus’ salvation, (Lucifer at the time of the death)
27- The Holy Virgin Mary’s revenge(The coming of Jesus and all his saints) x
28-"Even Adolf Hitler..." x
29- Baptism for the dead (Elena Hanet anf Father Domenico Piccinato)
30- Blasphemy against the Holy spirit
31- Paradise (The vision of God)
32- The Eternal Apostolate  
33- 90 minutes in heaven by pastor  Donald Piper


Par Arnaud Dumouch


All the tale on the end of generations
Introduction (on the theologie of the end of generations)

1 - The end of the world is for our generation!

 2 - The salvation of a Bronze Age generation (means taken by God to offer salvation)

3 - Solomon, the king who led his people to sin

4 - I Josiah, king of Judea, consecrated my country to God

5 - The Apostles’ generation (How God limited their apostolate)

6 - The Jewish/Romans wars (An image of    the end of the generations)

7 - The time of martyrs

8 – The first monks (with the assistance of Damien Saurel)

9 - The pride of theologians

10 - The arrival of Islam 

11 - The Middle Ages of beauty and Black Death

12 - Wars of religion (by Christian Leonardo)

13 - End of the Empire of Incas

14 - The defeat of invincible Armada

15 - Subsistence of old religions 

16 - The Great War

17 - Nazi Germany (through an individual history)

18 - The sign of the scarlet banner    (Communism)

19 - the generation of May 68



All stories published here are but imaginary narratives.
No predictions are herein stated or implied,
by Arnaud Dumouch


All the tales on the end of the world
Introduction (on the theologie of the end of the world)
1- Judaism's trials (How God humbled judaism)
2- The trial of the church (How God humbled christianity)
3- The trial of islam (How God humbled islam)
4- The Jewish / Roman war (model for islamic trials)
5- The last pentacost of love
6- The end times of nations
7- The ark of the covenant
8- The third Temple
9- The sign of Simon-Peter (and the revolt of "tradition")
10- The sign of Judas (The advent of laicisation)
11- The abomination of desolation in the holy Temple (and the refuge)
12- The fisherman ring, by Jean Raspail (on the errance of papacy)

13 - The return (aliah) of the Church (in Jerusalem)

14 - Union of religions (Islam and Christianity)

15 - The unity of Christianity

16 - The sign of the tree of life (and science’s last successes)

17 –The end of papacy

18 – Signs given in liturgy

19 - The sign of the Easter Saturday (and the role of the Virgin  Mary)

20 - The sign of the dragon

21 - The last Antichrist

22 - The Church end times

23 - When Israel saved the Church ( Israel’s conversion)
24 - The great warning (two witnesses)
25 – Islam’s conversion
26 – Christ’s Parousia (preceded by the sign of the Son of man)
27 - The battle of Armageddon and the particular judgment
28 - The assumption and the resurrection of flesh
29 - The general judgment
30 - Conclusion: Dialogue with Monsignor Lefebvre

Commentaire de David Durant sur les contes (à la lumière de certaines révélations privées)




My experience

1- I worried about the salvation of Major sinners, by Turtledove

2- Prayer for the hearts of the purgatory, by Turtledove
3- Then the Sky gave up taking me along, by Turtledove


Tales written by 16 to 18 year olds students, to illustrate the road to Heaven.

1 - Purgatory of the hearts, Jennifer Wouters, 2006
2 - I, a poor sinner, by Flavia Biancà, 2006
3 - I am saved, by Antonella Barracco, 2006
4 - Letter to my children, by Marina Bastianini, 2006
5 – Wait ! Say no to suicide. by Maurine Borsu, 2006
6 - The young people's anguish, by Pierre, 2006