Arnaud Dumouch, 2005,

Table of the Stories


Translation: Alain Queneville

Krystyna wrote :

Was it necessary for Christ to die on the Cross? Couldn’t he have save us differently other than suffering and dying? Couldn’t He have overcome death differently? Could He have saved humanity differently than by incarnation? And what was the role of the Father in all this?




Dear Krystyna,

 Imagine that you are God, the Trinity…

 You’re someone who is special and infinitely powerful. You are three “persons”, co-equal and co-eternal: In this Trinitarian environment the Son proceeds from the Father in eternal generation, and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son in a continuous procession of unimaginable intimacy, unfathomable humility, and inaccessible light.


You also have two essential qualities: You are first of all, inconceivably HUMBLE, beyond any understanding, no one can see you, love you or behold you without becoming as You are. You can’t change. That is your Essence…


Additionally you LOVE others, including your enemies, more than your own life. It is so real and integral to your Essence that anyone disinclined to imitate you would understand nothing about you and could not espouse you.

And this is so absolutely marvellous that without any prompting other than it is Your Will, you decide share, your joy and their joy, your happiness and their happiness by creating a universe with a variety of creatures; billions of angels, geniuses… etc and your masterpiece mankind.


Mankind is very special, because they are capable of unrestrained love as well as incredible hatred. Mankind can hate or love to the point of madness, and die willingly for love of family, friends or country


But you, your goal, is for them to arrive on other side life as humble as possible. This is very important because the alternative, pride would more likely; lead them to Satan and perdition, with his proposal of a paradise where one can gorge himself on his selfishness…in an atmosphere of hate.


Imagine now that as first technique: you completely abandon them to their own devices. You leave them floundering hopelessly, lost as to their purpose on earth. And it works: they make war; they hunger and eventually die in misery. Even in happy times they anguish in death. They seek a sense of purpose to life. Life crushes them but you recuperate, comfort and reassure them. And knowing first hand the pangs of misery and loneliness they enthusiastically accept the mantle of humility and love and enter eternal bliss.


And then you tell yourself… this is terrible. You would like to propose to a more gratuitous way, more voluntary, to love and humility. Those who believe in it will be blessed. They will know where they are going. And they will participate right here from on earth. But how do you, in a definite manner, explain humility and love.


So here it is, Krystyna! I’m going to propose several scenarios for you:

 1st scenario: For a period of one year you appear as a great light in the heavens and you explain your plan on TV to mankind. They can ask all the questions they need to ask. Then you leave. They have the lesson book you distributed and soon as they have a question, you agree to appear to give them the answer…


2nd scenario: You incarnate yourself as a great sovereign. You become leader of the world. You eliminate famine and wars, and instruct your regional leaders, by leaving the scientific and technological know how, so they can continue your work.


3rd scenario: You incarnate yourself and for thirty-three years you are as one of the people. For last three years of your life working with the poor you taught the GOOD NEWS. You preformed miracles to prove that you were THE SAVIOUR they had been waiting for. Your teachings incenses the leaders who brand you as a troublemaker, have you arrested and thoroughly scourged. You surrender your life to a greater will and for the greater good of mankind die. Three days later, you resurrect and return to your disciples quite alive, with a request for them to speak about it in simple terms.

They speak of it with varying degrees of success

But at everyone’s hour of death, you are there; in your glory demonstrating you areGod. And then, even to the leaders who had ordered you killed, you propose forgiveness teling them: It was all for your SALVATION. He who has forgiven little loves very little. Accept my forgiveness.


Which from these three scenarios would be, in your opinion, most effective so that few human would refuse your love? But mind you: you need to choose which will most reveal to them you are really God, HUMBLE, LOVING and FORGIVING…


So now you can answer the question: Was it necessary for Christ to incarnate and dies on a cross? If you find a fourth scenario, write it up.