Arnaud Dumouch, 2005,

Accueil histoires


Translation: Alain Quenneville


When Jeanne died she was 93 years old. 20 years later, whereas I was getting to be an old man myself, she appeared to me in dream. I recognized her notwithstanding her very a young girl, full with the light of God. And I asked to him whether it had come to take me along. She said to me:

No, Hambone (that what she used to call me). I came over so you can write everything I had told you before.

But I answered:

- You’re still calling me Hambone! I see that your entry into the glory of God hasn’t made you lose any of your provocative side.

- God married me such as I am! In any event he didn’t have much of a choice; it was in the marriage contract.

- I’m pretty sure you had to do time in purgatory, if only for this kind of pleasantries? And then, there were those whiskeys…

- I went there, like everyone, when I saw Jesus. One cannot hold upright in front of such immense generosity (Romans 14,11): “For it is written, as I live, said the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. But nothing more, He took me the way I was. So here I am Hambone, I came so you write down everything I had previously told you. 

- I can’t put those stories in writing, Jeanne. The most important part of each account you gave me is missing. No one ever knows what the people who went to heaven do there. It’s a real pity you know.

- My poor Hambone. You’re asking me to tell you what the Vision of God is? What you’re asking me is impossible. I can’t possibly describe anything to you but the sea foam. But Heaven itself, it has to be seen for one’s self to talk about it. Heaven is God… Here, I am speaking to you; and I see Him face to face. He never leaves me. Specify that clearly, when you write your book Hambone. You can talk about sea foam, the sea itself, that’s impossible.

- But then, tell me at least about your entrance in the vision of God…

- Impossible. I wouldn’t know how…

- But all the same, you speak of Jesus’ humanity; such as He appears in His glory at the hour of death. Then why not in His divinity, when it is revealed after death?

- For each second, He is the infinity of a universe that is reveals itself. He anticipates my every desire. I don’t have any more, since He has fulfilled them with   countless wonders. Can a water drop make you understand an ocean?

- And the point is?

- Furthermore. Give young people the following analogy: that they take their most fanciful dreams of prince charming or the most beautiful of princesses and all her qualities of virtuousness, softness and beauty. Have them imagine themselves in each other’s arms. Have them multiply ad finitum in all imagined riches. And they still won’t understand anything!”

So I didn’t insist. And I told myself that Jeanne’s glance of told me more on her secret than anything else.


 Good, I have some questions to ask you. First of all, are you married?

- Yes!

- Jesus answered and said unto them (Matthew 22:30) (I taken an air of a triumphant theologian by quoting chapter and verse taking again my plays of formerly when I tried to take Jeanne at fault): For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

- Here, Hambone, Jesus speaks about marriage on earth, where you only love a man as one can, and without really knowing him very well. But here where I am, it doesn’t apply any more. The smallest creature the Kingdom of God is loved as if it were alone in the universe, infinitely more than our husbands were loved on earth.

- So!  If I understand what you’re telling me, one is married to everyone?

- Each Heaven’s inhabitant is loved as if it were alone in the universe. And it’s only possible because God gives us the same capacity to love as He has. But are you sure the word “marriage”, will be understood by those who will read your book? You should put “love as in a total union”. Concisely, find…

I couldn’t find a word better so I made a note of Jeanne’s. To each to find the word…

- Jeanne, I still have a question about this subject: are there sexual relations in Heaven??

None at al, none at all. There are bigger and better things. That only happened on earth. God wanted that the union of man and woman to mean the gift of souls for the love of life, resulting in new life. Here, the gift of the souls is total. Therefore, when one meets, one knows oneself, heart to heart, thought for thought, love radiating love, feelings warming feelings. And, after the resurrection, body against body. But that’s another thing I can’t describe to you. It’s as if you were a caterpillar and that I try to represent a butterfly to you. And all this love will be a source of life (not baby) but of assistance for all those in the universe who still on the road leading to God, in need of love.

- I insist, Jeanne. People here want to know: after the resurrection, is there sexuality?

If its no! Say no. That doesn’t have anything to with it and yet it is a physical union. Here, matter doesn’t hinder glorious bodies. On earth, one thinks that one loves and gives one hand then surrenders his physical self. Up here, one sees directly in the other’s soul, its love without obstacles because spiritually and physically there is total harmony, including what is pertaining to the PLACE

-          Yes, I see. It’s really another world.

- That has nothing to do with it.



- Good, lets change the subject. Jeanne, I don’t understand: You have a body that I can see. You tell me yourself you can hear, and see landscapes. Therefore you are already resurrected. There is no resurrection at the end of the world; does it happen at the hour of death?

- Not at all. I am a dead. And I hope to experience the resurrection of my flesh at the end of the world. You can see that I don’t have a body of flesh. Try to touch me. It is intangible, like a phantom body. And I can’t take an object from your world. When Jesus resurrected, He had a true body. He proved it (Luke 24:41):And as they thus spoke, Jesus himself stood in their midst of them, and said unto them, Peace be unto you. But they were terrified and frightened, and supposed that they had seen a spirit. And he said unto them. Why are you troubled? And why do thoughts arise in your hearts? Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see, for a spirit has no flesh and bones, as you see me have. And when he had so spoken, he showed them his hands and feet. And while in their joy they yet had to believe, and seized with wonderment he said unto them; do you have something to eat here?” And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish and a honeycomb. He took it, and did eat before them.You see the difference between a spirit and a resurrection?

- Yes. It’s clear as crystal. But you shouldn’t miss your body should you? It was heavy and painful.

- Sure it was, but I can do without it here because of its disadvantages but I’m satisfied with this psychic body, while I’m waiting. But, the resurrection won’t be to return to us the disadvantages of the body we had on earth. It will be our true body and entirely under our power!

- What more will that get you?

- To be complete, Hambone. But I assure you that will come in due time. When you see God, you have everything.



-, For example, how old do I appear? Do I look my 93 years?

- Hum… not at all. If anything, you appear… young, like interior, and yet I recognize you. They are well you.

- In fact, as our body is luminous, i.e. it doesn’t hide the self any more; one has “the age” of his heart, his humility, and his desire for love. There are young people who chose the hell. One would say gnomes twisted by the age. They are folded up on their angers. With the paradise, it is the reverse.

- And it is true that I see all your character traits, and your large sins of the past.

- Yes, but I see also hold them. And finally, you saw, they resemble yourself. Here, everyone is like that with naked and nobody is humiliated since finally, one is all sinning and that which sinned forever is yet more humble only us all.

- Then does the Virgin Mary have to resemble an infant?

- Hamboneeau! Don’t act any dumber than you are: “One is as old as his soul.” It’s a manner of speaking. The Virgin Mary appears more luminous and simple than all others, that what I wanted to say.



- Your telling me your body will be completely subjected to your will. Wholly?

- Yes, with the power of God at our disposal, we will even have the ability to exceed its natural possibilities and move us about the universe at the speed of the thought. But it’s not all. We can visit what is infinitely small by taking its size, or see the vastness of the universe at a glance.

- This is fantastic! The boys will love that. To have a body you can transform into a plane or a rocket slipping through space, visiting the universe.

- Yes! All is given and more to those who love God. The speed of thought is not natural even with a glorious body. It is a gift from God.

- And damned, those who don’t want to love God; do they receive the same gifts?

- Yes, Hambone. And here we all respect their choice. They are free. Then God resurrected them and gives them the same perfect body we have. But they only have its natural power. God never takes them on his wing to carry them from one end of the universe to the other.



- Even so here’s a question, out of the blue. (I took a strained look… my question was a little crazy to say the least). Don’t get upset… But if you have a rocket accident, like crashing in a planet for example, that’s got to hurt.

- No problem: We can go right through solid bodies. You remember when Jesus entered a room where all the doors were locked? That’s what it is. There is no more possibility of being wounded…



- But then what will be able to kill you?

- Nothing, Hambone. The eternal life, it is a life without end. Hey, your making like a little ignoramus aren’t you?

- I ask to the most idiotic questions. And it is important. It is like a work of journalist. I’m not doing it for myself but for mankind … and I would like to push matters further and to enter into the science: matter is naturally corruptible. So, on one day or another, we will wear out and die.

- There exists a state of matter that is incorruptible. It is obviously, the power of God who created it and who communicates the energy of His being which renders it indestructible. If all at once, God withdrew his power, like a plant without sap, this world would cease to exist.


New world

- And is the new world where you live, made of this matter?

- Yes. But after the end of the world, at the time of the resurrection, this world will be…all I can say right now is that God is preparing some amazing surprises for us.

Jeanne made a great big smile wondrous smile and disappeared. As for me, I left to write down what she had shown me.