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Prayer for the hearts of the purgatory

By TOURTERELLE, December 2005

Translated & adapted by Alain Quenneville



It’s only about one dream not two. In fact, I only ever had one dream concerning the purgatory…

I hope that my text didn’t confuse you too much. If it did, I am sorry. I do not know how to interpret it. Tourterelle


I was praying and offering my sufferings to God for the conversion of souls and for my own salvation. As time went on though, I wondered whether all these prayer offerings and sufferings really bore fruits of conversion. I fell asleep with this thought not really expecting an answer.


After a while I started dreaming. I find myself in a strange place devoid of any light. I’m walking in halting step, hoping my eyes will adapt to this utter blackness. Little by little I my eyes adjust to this environment and I try to identify the place where I am. It resembles an enormous cave, I can’t see anyone, and I seem to be alone. I venture a little further, in order to explore my surroundings. I discover a pond or some kind of lake filled with muck (mud). In fact, I can only see part of the lake that empties in the cave.

I take a closer look at and I see human forms swimming around in this mud, it was as if their bodies were part of the mud. I try offering a helping hand to rescue them, but lo and behold! They’re very afraid of me and move away as fast as they can. Again I try to lend a hand, but then I can feel that this mud attracting me as if it was exerting some kind of force on me.

This muck, although having the appearance of muck wasn’t. I would say it was some sort of substance made from the vices soiling the souls of the swimmers and released a stench from its surface area.

Once more I try to help with God’s assistance of but they retreat to the furthest more areas of this lake. I then had to move quickly to avoid falling in.

I was wondering about all of this when an interior voice told me: “You can’t do anything for them. Only a rare soul one of great holiness might succeed in helping some of them but…” “Moves away quickly!!!”

I’m not insisting, but the notion these souls are beyond help didn’t sit to well with me, however since there seemed to be an obvious urgency… I move away quickly.


I keep on exploring and eventually came across some teenagers who amused themselves by wounding one another. What a strange way to play! They notice my presence and got very frightened. They all held hands and ran for cover in a tiny space, a space I would describe as either a small grotto, or a hole in the wall.

There was hardly any room to accommodate one or two people let alone all ten who took refuge there. I noticed a young child among them, about four or five years old. I threw myself at them to at least attempt to save this small child! Finally I got a hold of him and I tried to take him from the jailer’s hands that kept him captive in the cave. But they rebuffed my efforts with their combined strength. I really thought I’d never succeed!

Then it came to me to oppose their strength with the power of love. And I can’t see or feel love in this small group only hate. So I explained to the child that love really did exist and that he can be loved. Never having themselves known what love is, the teenagers countered by telling him that they were his only family, his only safety.

This little duel between love and hate lasted a few moments until eventually the child left his hiding-place giving up his drab universe for one of light. Taking hold of his hand I walk him towards this huge cave’s exit all while telling him; the light is inside in our soul and that this light is love.