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I worried about the salvation of Major sinners

A Turtledove tale, December 16th, 2005




This history is true. It isn’t a tale.

I was at a restaurant with a friend. He had excused himself for a moment all was quiet and I was searching for something to keep my mind busy in the meantime. I saw the people around me, the passerby’s in the street and I imagined their thoughts.

All of a sudden, I heard a voice or rather a thought from within, haunting me. And this thought had a soft and humble voice, like that of an old and wise man.

 I told myself: “Here we go, I’m going crazy! So what… Some times you have to risk madness…” And then again the silence of my surrounding kind of annoyed me so I decided let my imagination run free and to agree to an “introverted “conversation with this voice.

 The voice began speaking about the death of major sinners. It told me: “Imagine someone was hard hearted and who had always refused to believe in God. His life is a reflection of the state of his soul, a life of sins. This man when dies, what happens to him?”

 I answered: “I imagine he’s risking hell…” This thought really struck and disturbed me. I hesitated for a moment to follow up on this morbid conversation because it really wasn’t all that stimulating. Darn it! But as I wasn’t satisfied with my initial response and really; I didn’t know the answer. I made a concerted effort (which took quite a few minutes of reflection) to adopt a position conducive to hearing the rest of this conversation, obviously hoping for a different answer.

 So next he tells me: “This individual is as mean spirited as one could be never believed in the existence of God. If this person saw somebody resembling God at the hour of his death and faced with the reality of the existence of God; they would find themselves with having to make a choice, choose God or reject Him. At the hour of death, God even offers this choice to major sinners. God is Love.”

 I must say that this thought brought me relief and created a great joy in me. And I could perceive a smile shaping upon an imaginary face having the voice of wisdom.