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I was warned of my death. Then the Sky gave up taking me along.

Tourterelle. Letter received on Friday, December 23, 2005.




Suzanne Clairac, the call of God


Hi Arnaud,

  Iím sure you must have noticed that I my lack of participation to the forum recently. So Iíll tell you what happened.  

On Tuesday, December 20th, while I was reading that afternoon, I saw myself in a tunnel where my soul flew away. It wasnít really something I was imagining because I was aware well of it. But little by little my imagination was focusingÖ I felt as if I were in this strange tunnel! I had the impression that I would soon be there. Then I said to God: ďAm I really going to die?Ē I didnít really felt spiritually ready for this meeting with God. And I take care of my aging father. A thought crossed my mind: ďDonít worry about it heíll be placed in a nursing homeĒ. And I answered: ďOf courseÖ but heíll be overwhelmed by these events.Ē

 Tuesday evening, I had car accident. The car was a total loss. According to the police officer, I shouldnít have survived such an impact, or at the least been seriously injured. But Iím still there and unscathed. No bruises not even a scratch. Just sore muscles caused by the force of the impact.  

Just before the impact took place, I had asked my guardian angel to protect me and whatever happened was to be Godís Will.  

So here I am as always there but I need to find myself again. Iím a little upset by all this and thatís the reason I havenít participated as much in the forum.

  Iíll get back to you soonÖ  

So long, Tourterelle



Dear Tourterelle,

Itís really astonishing. And I am absolutely persuaded your angel listened to your prayer and that normally you should have died in this accident.

I think he wanted to ask for your permission to take you along, like one does with a friendÖ

Iím going to publish what youíve written.  To me its more than a just a tale. Itís a confirmation what Iíve been writing about is true.

Big hugs to you! (Iím really touched or should I say disconcerted by all this!)