By Pierre, October 31st, 2006



 Steady now! It won’t be long.

 Will anyone miss me?

Oh I hope so!

I hope someone will cry tomorrow morning.

I hope that she will cry…


I take one last glimpse of this world.

I want to fly away

To fly away…



My God what have I done?


No! I’m sorry!


My heart is too heavy

My wings wont let me fly


Forgive me


I had no right…


 I open one eye, then the other

I’m hurting everywhere… but I am relieved!


Do I have to thank the angel who brought me back?

Or must I curse him again, as I done so many times before?


But a great peace overtakes me.

It’s indescribable

For the first time of my life, I don’t need anything

And I wait. At peace with myself

In sync with the world.


I ponder the events.

Had I been selfish?

More than likely!

Shown courage?

It doesn’t matter.


What an illusion!


Time passes, transitory and unending.

Unbearable and yet so soft…

But what do I see? This night, sixty years later,

What a light!

Does it come to seek me?



I’m flying now!

And what peace! …

I don’t feel anything but

this insane softness.

Now I can

surrender to the beauty of

of this light

and the purity of this whiteness


Oh I don’t deserve

such a communion

And yet I wish it

from the depths of my soul



Since He offers me his hand…


I accept


And at once


 I burn intensely with Him and in Him


I love you…

Pierre, 2006