Arnaud Dumouch, 2005,


Table of the Stories




Translation : Alain Quenneville poesie1.htm.


uke 4, 10 It is writtenHe shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone”.


When she was at the school of Heaven, Sophie began receiving catechism lessons. One of the nicest lessons she got was one given by her guardian angel. Here, translated into words, is what she learned through direct knowledge, because in Heaven no effort is required to find the appropriate words or to say exactly what one wishes to say.

 - So! Little Angel Tell me your story Sophie, asked.

Her angel was at her side, in the recognizable form of a man who oozed of radiance and authority. Although they are spirits, they sometimes take on a human form to better adapt themselves to their surroundings.

 Are you ready Sophie? But what you first need to know is that all I tell you as a long story, happened as in seven days, seven instants. For you I call them days: one day, is like the time that gives light. But I don’t have a body, and for me a day lasts, is like a flash.

Little Angel, I’ll try to understand, but it up to you to adapt to me.

 First day, first moment

- I wasn’t born like you, as a little baby in your mother womb. I came into existence in a flash. One second I didn’t exist and the next moment I did. That’s all.

- And what did you do on your first day?

- What would you have done?

- Nothing, I had no awareness. I slept.

-          Well, not me I was lucid, adult and self aware from the first moment. I examined my being and I was surprised to see so much light, will, and power, as I had received. Intelligence, filled with the knowledge of things, some which did not exist yet. My name was “Noble angel”. However the second I saw God I changed it to “ Little Angel

- So didn’t you go to school like me?

- All was given to me. And it was enormous. I even saw the future: different spiritual and material universes, functioning according to all kinds of laws. And I understood that I would have to contribute to their conception.

- And did you find out where you came from?  

Second day, second moment

My second act, and my second thought were recognizing God as my Creator and to thank Him.

- How did you know HE was there? Could you see HIM?

- No HE was hidden, but has real presence. Even if HE hadn’t been an unseen presence, I would have known because I am not my creator, am I? So it was easy to trace everything back to HIM. When splendour is discovered, you known it came from someone…

- And HIS presence how was it?

- It was like an overwhelming certainty to me that an invisible, Holy Spirit was around me and in me. I believed effortlessly, surrendering to the obvious.


Third day, third moment

- And it is all?

- Yes.  Angels don’t lead a life of emotions. We are beings who live in facts. Once things are understood, they are with us for always. - Little Angel, if you weren’t in front of me, I‘d say that your story is quite amazing. You are what you are moment God has created you and that’s it!

Almost, but its not everything. Wait and see the story goes on…

- What happened next?

- Without impairing my thanksgiving to God, I scanned my surroundings with my minds eye (since I don’t have eyes like you do) and I saw other wonders. Initially there were several spheres in expansion, made from matter. They had just appeared, just about the same time as I had begun my existence. Somewhere was the universe from which you come, in its first moments, without galaxies or earth.

And especially, there were angels, million of angels all unique all different. Each one was a universe of knowledge and power. I then started to contemplate them, one by one, as they contemplated me. One proceeds like that: We meet, we show ourselves to one another other, we understand each other then we leave. I can’t tell you what I saw. But eternity won’t be enough to tour all God’s creation. You’ll see it is a voyage of intellectual joy. Each angel is as rich as a galaxy with a million facets, suns and worlds. The angels are truly God’s masterpieces.

- And we humans? Aren’t we God’s masterpieces?

- Not in natural perfections, Sophie. But in something even bigger, I’ll tell you shortly. Among the known angels, it seemed that seven among us were brighter, richer, and more endowed than all. And, leading them was an angel with a sun like brilliance that eclipsed all others. In our joyfulness we all, understood this and turned to him and acknowledged his role as leader.

He was a marvellous Prince. He filled our intelligence by the simplicity of his views. He understood perfectly God’s wishes. By seeing him, we all understood something of the awesome power of the invisible God. We trembled; and like the ground, we flinched.

- What’s his name?

- His name is “Beacon-Light”. You’ll know him some day. You will be astonished by such greatness. “Beacon-Light” spoke to us, with simplicity. He said:  

Our mission is great. For the Lord God all mighty who reigns above us, we will organize the universe. He wants to create billion and billions of other beings, and all possible species. And it’s in this manner that HIS power and glory will be manifested. The All Mighty’s universe will be great. It will be on a scale of all that can exist.

The hierarchy is that of God who reigns and the people tremble; seated at the head of Cherubim’s, the ground shakes to its core, there will be purely mineral worlds, many and various. It will be the work of the physicists and the astronomers. And, these worlds will be populated with, plants, animals, men who will be animals equipped with a mind, djinns and million species of material and spiritual creatures. Let the biologists put themselves to work. All this ordered world will be a wonder.”



The hierarchy of known creatures

Angel (pure spirits)

Djinns (spirit + psychism)

Men (spirit + psychism + physical)

Animals (psychism + physical)

Plants (physics)




We were enthusiastic. Then we, the pure spirits organized and put to ourselves to work. We have established a hierarchy between us taking into account the nature of our gifts.



The hierarchy of the angels

His vicar, “Beacon-Light”

His ministers: Cherubims, Seraphs, Thrones

His engineers and technicians: Dominations, Virtues, and Power

His prefects and its agents on earth: Principalities, archangels, and angels


Cherubims (Light of Brilliance), the Seraphs (fire-of-love), and the Thrones (seat-of-Power) became to the Ministers to “Beacon-Light” God’s Vicar. They went to his council and received direct knowledge. They were so close to God that they received direct knowledge of HIS will. They were charged with organizing the tasks, as do ministers in human governments.

Under their guardianship, they established engineers and technicians (Dominations, Virtues and Powers) who were to apply in a concrete manner God’s general intentions as communicated by Beacon-Light. The Order of Powers prescribed the physical laws of various universes. The Order of Virtues was at the origin of the billions of animal species.

As for us, Princes, Archangels and Angels, we prepared to handle the every day, jobs: to take care of planets, animal species, and when it arrived, mankind. 

- This is fantastic. It’s a marvellous project.

- It is an immense universe and if you could count the number of animal species that existed since the beginning of the time, you couldn’t even begin to count the number of the spiritual creatures, who will praise God for eternity.

- Now I understand God’s project.

- No Sophie. You don’t understand at all. I haven’t told you everything yet. It is only part of the secret.

- Had you started to work yet?

- We were ready. But something unexpected happened. In a certain way, we angels, also had to grow up and mature.

- Ah, yes? It is true? Oh, I love you even more Littleangel: you to had to grown up.

 Fourth day, fourth moment

- God spoke, Sophie. It was to say something so new that HE didn’t run it by “Beacon-Light” but addressed each one of us, personally.

He said in words. Not with articulated words, but like a breath, in the manner of a luminous flash.

“Little Angel, I created you so you may see me face to face. It will be a weddings of Light.”

“But, Little Angel, I am humility and love. No one can understand me without becoming as I.

“Out of love for me, do you want to become excessively humble? Do you accept the guardianship and to act as a spiritual guide for the man and woman  will create? You will help them to come and wed me.

- Oh! Fantastic you all must have being ecstatic, to see God face to face and love HIM. That’s awesome.

- Yes, Sophie, it’s great. And from top to bottom of the angelic hierarchies, all angels without exception were delights with God proposal to show himself face to face.

You understand, for us spirits to see God, it is to see the CAUSAL factor for all that exists. We knew logically, such a thing is impossible, just as it’s impossible to put all the seawater in a glass. However, we believed because nothing is impossible to God.

 Fifth day, fifth moment

- You have a strange look, Littleangel. You wouldn’t hide anything from me would you?

- No, but all wasn’t well for everyone. Sophie you’ve grown up. So its time, I tell to you about evil.

- What happened?

- Humility was the problem. God cannot be humble, Sophie. It is logically impossible. He is All Powerful, Whole, the Pure Act and absolutely without limits. There is nothing in him that can mean diminution.

- But if HE said it, it must be true.

- It is true. AND infinitely true, I know. I see it right this moment. God while one being is three processions of indescribable light and love that contemplates, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit who live as one, in ecstasy with each other. However unexplainable it may be for you, there is true humility in God.

- But if God is like that, surely you accepted HIM as he was didn’t you?

- Yes I did. But not all of us… and then there was the test that God had put on our path.

- The test?

The test. The test my dear Sophie is you, … you, your brothers and your sisters. We, had up to now, been living with the notion that God’s was going create a hierarchic world; a world arranged according to each angel’s perfection, nobility and intelligence.

We thought that men would be below angels.  However we understood right away that we were completely mistaken. What God wanted, was a hierarchy where the humblest would be first.

- But I am much smaller than you, Petitange.

- You understood everything Sophie. The test God gave us consisted in raising little girls like you who, because they were humble, would be our queens for eternity.

- Listen here Littleangel, what you say is true because Mary my heavenly mother calls me `her little queen' and, I immediately answer her: `Mary my mother, Queen of all the heavens'. She gives her most beautiful smile and says: `Yes, my little queen and we carry on laughing like that.



Sixth day, sixth moment

- You See Sophie, that’s what God’s project is like. And it was especially, the little girls, more than the boys, who were a test for us.

-          Why?

-           You remember I had told you that we had received, as of our creation, the general outlines of what God wanted to do? We knew the physical and psychological differences between boys and girls… they are physically weaker and less inclined to aspire to power than boys. Nevertheless, it’s the girls who, by their very being, are more disposed to love and humility. I’m not saying they’re all humble and loving: but all their being is oriented to the conception of life, to carry life, and to die if need be for that life. In short, we all understood what was meant when it was said: one day, one among you and undoubtedly of the million among you would take our places as ministers, engineers and guards.

- Oh! But I will never take your place, Littleangel, nor Mary our Queen. I‘ll work with you later. Together we will help other children.

- I know Sophie. I understood that right away, but Beacon-Light didn’t.

- What did he do?

- He revolted. Such a revolt is pretty imposing, by an angel of his stature. He said, calmly and by addressing us all: “I will not serve.” And his arguments were powerful. They were sword like thrusts and his logic sharper than a scalpel:

I Lucifer (It is the Latin name of Beacon-Light”), I rise today out of respect for my Creator, the infinite and all-powerful, Light of the universe.

Indeed, There can be no question here of lowering Himself. The imposing order of HIS creation will be that of nobility and dignity. What is imperious cannot reign. 

Consequently, today I will lead all those of you who want the Glory of God. ”

- But that’s idiotic. He can’t say he serving God when he is revolting? He has to fall back. He had just been created. He couldn’t then just revolt against his Father?

- Sophie, an angel isn’t like a man. When he speaks, he can’t change. He is too intelligent to be mistaken and fall back. He weighed in and weighed out all the facts.

- That’s terrible. So he revolted anyway? And he was your leader!

And he wasn’t the only one. A third the angels followed him. Their fight is hopeless. I can see that. I can also see God face to face and they can’t even begin to suspect at which point its true: one God who is one being in a procession of three indescribable light and love that contemplates, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God couldn’t change, even if the whole universe revolted. You know, HE went as far as making HImSELF man, being and being killed by people whom HE then saved…

Seventh day, seventh moment

- HE did that? You’ll tell me one day, won’t you?

- Yes, you’ll need to know.

Then a long silence here! Sophie was thinking.

 -… And then, what happened.

- One of us, an angel from the lowest caste, a simple Archangel, spoke the first. It is still an angel’s word and it sliced through like a bolt of lightning: “O Lucifer! You revolt for the honour of our God, you say? But the true reason of your revolt, it is your place as leader. Who is like God, that you may speak in HIS place?”

- Lucifer mustn’t have liked that?

- Not at all Sophie. That floored him and he fled at once. Not only was it true but it also came to him as a supreme humiliation, from a simple Archangel. It never should have happened. You remember, the hierarchies and nobility, of the higher and lower angels… Then Lucifer fled with his troops, and that left immense void in our ranks.

- And t Lucifer what is he doing now?

-          Lucifer was always most beautiful among us. And he hasn’t stopped failing to understand. Each time, he gets caught up in a humility trap. And yet, he still believes himself skilful in his fight against God’s plan.

-          It is he who lured your first parents, Adam and Eve, to involve them in his revolt against God. Result, it subjected both of them to suffering and, without wanting to, made them humble until death.

-          His last blunder was when he killed Christ. He knew very well he was the Messiah, God’s envoy of, but could he understand that he was God himself? If only he had known…

-          He just wanted to prove to God that humanity was pitiful and had scorned HIS Envoy.

-           He still doesn’t understand yet how it can be that the one who died saves those who killed HIM by proposing his forgiveness. It is not logical for him, its God’s logic. Right now he’s calling earth’s inhabitants to revolt against God. And he’ll somewhat succeed. You’ll see, one day the whole earth will believe in him and will love him, as they should God.

He especially goes after those who try to understand the logic of God’s plans. There were some very good ones and there still is. But then again there are others who are annoyed and revolt when logic tells them God is humble.  They are infuriated and affirm that it is theologically impossible.

- But he will move all men away from God?

- He doesn’t’ understand. If God lets him go for now, because He’s preparing for the last and greatest salvation. It will be overwhelming in love, humility, reconciliation and forgiveness. Shush… Christ is preparing for HIS return.

And then Sophie sang this refrain:


 How did you fall from the sky, o star of the morning, son of the dawn?

How were you thrown to earth, victor of nations?

You that said in your heart: I will climb the heavens,

Above God’s stars I will raise my throne.

I will equal myself with the MOST HIGH”.



- Now, your making poetry, Sophie?

- It is because everything you said makes me think… And you, Littleangel, what did you say?

- I spoke like Michael. I said to God: “ I will follow you everywhere where you will go. You gave me my being and my knowledge. All that you decide, I will do. And I will obey all the Princes or Princesses that you will give me, where ever they are” and I glorified HIM for his project. And two thirds of the angels shouted along with me: “Who is like God?”

Then, immediately, there was a great Light for us, a hand of tenderness treasuring our spirits. And I saw my God, face to face. I can say nothing more there are no words…




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